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Does neck or back pain afflict you constantly? Dr. Donald Worley use vibration therapy to help patients reduce their neck and back pain in Clinton, South Carolina. If you’re looking for total relief from your neck or back pain, call Worley Chiropractic Clinic today or schedule an appointment online.

Vibration Therapy Q & A

What is vibration therapy?

Vibration therapy creates a “micro-massaging” effect on all the tissues in your body, working to improve your blood flow and loosen up tight problem areas. This kind of therapy has proven to be effective in reducing pain sensation and pain-related disability in people affected by chronic pain.

Two types of vibration therapy are available: whole-body and localized. During whole-body vibration therapy, you stand, sit, or lay on a machine supported by a vibrating platform. In localized vibration therapy, Dr. Worley  places a hand-held vibrating device on parts of your body affected by pain.

What are the benefits of vibration therapy?

Vibration therapy is an excellent tool for increasing your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility. It also:

  • Increases your bone density
  • Enhances your muscle mass
  • Improves your circulation
  • Reduces your joint pain
  • Alleviates your back pain
  • Relieves your stress
  • Boosts your metabolism

Vibration therapy can help ease your pain by promoting healing through natural, non-invasive methods that don't involve surgery or narcotics and pharmaceuticals.

How does vibration therapy work?

When you injure yourself, scar tissue adheres to your soft tissue. This scar tissue often can cause you to experience pain and inflammation while lowering your range of motion. Vibration therapy works to disrupt the structure of your scar tissue.

The transmitted vibrations cause your muscles to contract and relax. The vibration increases blood flow to your injury by putting your soft tissues into motion, which helps you to heal quickly and efficiently.

Just how effective vibration therapy is for you depends on the direction and intensity of the vibrations. For example, some devices produce vertical vibrations. Others, however, create waves that go up and down, forward and backward, or even from side to side.

Typically, up and down vibrations produce rapid muscle contractions, making them more efficient.

With the guidance of Worley Chiropractic Clinic providers, vibration therapy can completely rehabilitate your neck and lower back. Call Worley Chiropractic Clinic today or schedule a consultation online to determine if vibration therapy is the right solution for you.